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Added 11/20/2017 by Kimberly S

Atticus and I, read the book from his favorite author yet again last night! We enjoy your stories so much! Hope to see many more come!

Added 11/18/2017 by Amy W

This book is a perfect bedtime companion. The story is engaging start to finish, and the artwork classic. I enjoy witnessing contentment from my two and four year olds as they drift to sleep listening to Raisin's adventurous account. Thank you for providing a positive influence.

Added 11/02/2017 by Beatrice J

I've read Raisin's Odyssey to my grand kids several times and write to share the book has become a favorite. Please accept my thanks for providing clean entertainment for my family.

Added 10/12/2017 by Sophia P

I've read Raisin's story to my kids a dozen times and they still intently listen to every word. They boo when I mention characters Edward and Coy, and cheer when Grinch saves the day. It's refreshing to watch children enjoy an old fashioned tale

Added 10/02/2017 by Lana W

Loved Gram's Journey and follow up Raisin's Odyssey didn't disappoint. Great characters, great story, and great illustrations. My kids and I are hoping the series continues!

Added 09/27/2017 by Stella W

Raisin is such a kind dog in this book. I didn't like that guy who stole Raisin from his caretaker, but the story unfolded in an unusual way that I didn't see coming, and all turned out. Love the colorful graphics too. Haven't read the first book yet, but will make a point to buy a copy and share it our kids!

Added 09/08/2017 by Kimberly T

Our kids absolutely love Raisin and I understand from social media sources he really exists. Meeting him in person would mean so much to us. Can you keep us posted regarding any public appearances?

Added 08/16/2017 by Stephanie B

Gorgeous book! My kids aren't reading yet, so I share the story often. I notice that even when I'm not reading, they stay glued to the pages on their own talking about the pictures. Thank you for creating something of real interest. PS: They love Mr. Grinch's sarcastic attitude.

Added 08/13/2017 by Patty C

Thank you for providing wholesome entertainment for our entire family!

Added 07/25/2017 by Donna P

Raisin is making our family time better! thanks for such a delightful book.

Added 07/17/2017 by Catherine G

Hello at Blackberry Tails, I write to thank you for creating a wholesome book that's thoroughly entertaining cover to cover. My grandchildren can't put the book down, and I take pleasure watching them read all by themselves. I wish more people would follow your example and value old ways.

Added 07/06/2017 by Chelsea H

My son loves Raisin's Odyssey. His favorite part is when Mr. Grinch defends Raisin against Coy and the pack of rogue coyotes. Thanks for such a cute story.

Added 06/27/2017 by Tasha R

Another colorful tale in the Blackberry Tails series! By the second chapter I couldn't wait to know what was going to happen to Raisin the dog. Fortunately, Raisin turns a stranger into a friend on his unexpected journey. I read this to my 1.5-yr-old who mainly enjoyed it for the pictures and dialogue. This book would be likely to draw the attention of children who are old enough to read to themselves. With well-described characters and settings, engaging dialogue, and beautiful artwork, this story inspires hope and takes the reader into the countryside of Kentucky through the eyes of a small dog.

Added 06/20/2017 by Michelle H

I sat on the deck tonight and thoroughly enjoyed Raisin's Odyssey!!! It's such a sweet story, and I can't wait for my students to experience it this fall!!!

Added 06/20/2017 by Amelia Rose M

My kids liked all the characters, but, don't ask me why, they had a soft spot for the pack of rogue coyotes. They loved the photo of Coy's blue and yellow eye. Thanks for a creating a wonderful adventure.

Added 06/19/2017 by Gloria H

Raisin is a really, really, really cute pooch. Really! :)

Added 06/19/2017 by Henry G

I purchased the original Blackberry Tails book Gram’s Journey, and my grandchildren adored it. Naturally, I would take notice when a second book arrived. The overall look and feel is familiar, but the story and characters are totally different, which made us anxious to meet them. Raisin is a rescued poodle, and a real sweetheart. His ability to work through adversity proves inspirational, which is a good message for kids. The illustrations are classy, and the writing style feels old school, which is refreshing in today’s world of shortcuts. I look forward to sharing this wonderful adventure with my family again and again.

Added 06/19/2017 by Pam M

I absolutely loved Gram's Journey. The adventure was real as this small pup found his way through the dangers of his Kentucky wilderness. However upon reading Raisin's Odyssey, it immediately became my very favorite of the two books. I loved how Raisin was portrayed as more of a hero instead of a pampered pup victim, who used cunning and strength to escape the dangers. I bought these books for my granddaughters but I believe I need copies for my own library.

Added 06/08/2017 by Tammy R

Love the first edition and couldn't wait for more. Raisin didn't disappoint! Tammy R.

Added 06/04/2017 by Tasha R

Raisin's Odyssey has well-described characters and settings, engaging dialogue, and beautiful artwork. This story inspires hope and takes the reader into the countryside of Kentucky through the eyes of a small dog.

Added 05/21/2017 by George I

It's hard to find a book that holds my grand kids attention but this one does. Thank you!

Added 05/18/2017 by Serena H

Raisin is a sweetheart. My kids love this story and so do I.

Added 05/16/2017 by Jane B

Your new book flows like blackberry jam into a cake.

Added 05/12/2017 by Judy B

The chapters flow perfectly to keep your attention. My grandchildren stayed glued page after page.

Added 05/09/2017 by Debbie H

Simply loved the first book and this one is an entertaining transition.

Added 05/05/2017 by Megan W

Well-written and illustrated. Enjoyed the new group of characters.

Added 04/30/2017 by Susan T

Enjoyed the first book and love your sophomore release.

Added 04/27/2017 by Melissa P

Cute story. My daughter loves Grinch!

Added 04/25/2017 by Jessica B

My daughter loves Raisin. We've already read it three times. Keep them coming.

Added 04/25/2017 by Kim R

Reading your book to my girls filled my heart with fond memories of my childhood in KY.

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